100% natural fruit rakia


Williams rakia

ISCRO 2018 – international competition alcohol drinks – SILVER medal
ISCRO 2015 – international competition alcohol drinks – GOLD medal
Distillate Awards Ceremony Salzburg, Austria 2008 – BRONZE medal
Eko – Etno Croatia 2008 – SILVER medal
Trade fair Split, Croatia 2005 – GOLD medal
Trade fair Split, Croatia 2004 – SILVER medal
"Vinkovacke jeseni", Croatia 1999 – SILVER medal

The most appreciated rakija with a recognizably smooth, noble and very classy taste. It is made exclusively from the Williams pear – a uniquely juicy flavor with a pleasant fruit taste. Offers a unique fullness of taste and flavor, and the potability of this drink is the result of a carefully executed production process.

The specialty of rakija Williams…

Produced from fruits from our own 7-hectare plantation. Production is led by experts from the very first day of planting. The process of making Williams involves new distillation kettles which enable fractional distillation. Fermentation happens in anaerobic tanks with adjustable cooling. Careful distillation preserves a characteristic taste and an intensive, noble flavor of Williams. Maintains the leading position in the domestic market.


Slivovitz rakia

ISCRO 2018 – international competition alcohol drinks – SILVER medal
Distillate Awards Ceremony Salzburg, Austria 2008 – BRONZE medal
Eko – Etno Croatia 2008 – GOLD medal
Trade fair Split, Croatia 2005 – GOLD medal

An excellent example of a harmonic combination of plum with oak, which adds depth and richness to both its flavor and scent. With a recognizable, perfectly balanced and intensive fruit taste.

The specialty of rakija Slivovitz…

Produced by double distilling carefully selected plum varieties.Selecting only the most mature fruits and removing the pits before fermentation results in a unique taste and scent. Its color, special flavor and taste enriched by gentle touches of vanilla, they all stem from the Oakwood in which it is kept. A full, fresh, developed scent reveals the lavishness of plums from which it is made. Its taste is full, pure, harmonic and rounded.


Apple rakia

Apple rakia is made from 100% apples; in essence, it is the result of distilling cider drink. Like any brown spirit, but it has a profound apple taste we can’t get enough of—like fall in a glass.

It is produced in a process which uses carefully selected fermentation and distillation technology.

Fantastic, very engaging and enticing; rich apples, reminds of refreshing, still cider. It is a well-rounded spirit and one that leads on well from the nose. Dry, crisp apple with a little sweetness in the middle, along with hints of toffee, caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg, which provide an impression of spiced baked apple. It has a warming finish, but no burn; as you continue to sip, a pleasant, cosy warmth builds in the chest.

The technological process of rakia production consists of three basic stages, which are:

Stage 1: Fruit

Quality produce is selected and de-stalked. Simic Distillery specializes in pear and plum grown in-house

Stage 2: Crushing

The fruit is sliced, diced and processed by the machine. Stones and pips remain whole. Crushing the fruit is necessary for successful fermentation.

Stage 3: Fermentation

The crushed fruit pulp is then fermented in vats, at the controlled temperature in a cool room for specific periods of time.

Stage 4: Distillation

The fermented pulp s loaded into the imported Ulrich Kothe still and distilled. This is a critical point in the process that has been perfected to produce a crisp clean rakija. During that period, the taste, aroma, and color of a particular sort of rakia are developed.

Phase 5: Deployment

During this period, the taste, aroma and color of a certain type of Rakia are developed.